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Pinzetta Vetus 191-6L - 20mm
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Handy Baby - King chip (Promo Price 10pz)
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Automobile Sensor Signal Simulation Tool MST-9000+
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Automobile Sensor Signal Simulation Tool MST-9000+

Prezzo: €799,00 [IvaInc]
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Automobile Sensor Signal Simulation Tool MST-9000+

The Automobile Sensor Signal Simulation Tool is a very useful
tool for professional technician during car ECU repairing
& key programming. It is a car ECU repair tool, with newly
update and more stable function. After many years R&D and times
of upgrades, now our sensor signal simulation expert has
been the most fix purchasing equipment with advance technology
for many workshop and automobile training school.

Application :
1. Automobile sensor dynamic diagnosis, engine, transmission,
ABS, Air-condition, Immobilizer etc. For ECU repairing,
auto teaching aid model driver, automobiles R&D.

2. Works on multi-brands vehicles made in Asia, Europe, America.

Special Features:
1.  Allvehicles crank signal simulation experts
It can set arbitrary waveform output, can produce all the models
of today's engine crankshaft, camshaft signals
(Hall, magnetic, optical signals), waveform data, waveform memory
vehicle from the long-term preservation,
waveform data for free online updates.

2. Allvehicles sensor signal simulation experts
Speed signal, speed signal (Hall, magnetic, optical signals),
ABS wheel speed signal, the oxygen sensor signal, throttle signal,
air flow, inlet pressure sensor (analog, digital)
and other signal simulation

3.Allvehicles Actuator experts
Tachometer, odometer, blower control module, injector, ignition coil,
ignition module, frequency and pulse width control solenoid valve,
stepper motor drive (four-lane, six-lane), vehicle audio amplifiers,
etc. etc all vehicles actuator

Simulation experts:
Actuators simulation for Ignition coil, injectors,
idle speed stepper motor, ultrasonic generators etc.

Strong domestic first-line five-channel editing functions crank signal

Five arbitrary wave signal analog output

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