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OBDII Splitter 1 to 2 - 40cm
OBDII Splitter 1 to 2 - 40cm
€9,90 [IvaInc]
Mini Diagnosi VGATE - WIFI
Mini Diagnosi VGATE - WIFI
€29,00 [IvaInc]
€19,90 [IvaInc]
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software activation - RNS 510 / 810
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software activation - RNS 510 / 810

Prezzo: €271,00 [IvaInc]
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Major functions:

  • support all versions
  • original code reading  version HW 09
  • navigation PIN code changing (decoding)
  • TV-REE activation
  • repair: date, part number, SN
  • radio testing, colour and logo changing
  • coding changing (hdd, system)

New functions in Normal Mode:
- better, faster and easier entering into this mode
- change boot mode (normal, test mode, swl, swl on demand)
- change speed limit
- TV Free (new procedure)
- enabling/disabling service mode
- enabling SW downgrade function
- changing DVD region
- enable / disable Eject button, SD CARD
- checking SD Card present
- changing unit Skin, Startup Logo Type, Startup Variant, Audio type
- turning on/off Radio Module, DAB, SDARS, MPEG
- changing Display Protocol
- enable / disable of Multifuntion steering wheel, Rear camera, Voice control, CD changer
- change speed limit in map and other details- turn off security code
- VCDS / VAG coding
- fully working even long coding
- turning on/off HDD
- backup User data to SD card
- restore User data from SD card

New or corrected functins in Test Mode:
- turning on/off: Eject button
- navi Pin code Counter Reset
- changing: Variant, Product ID, HW of vehicle and radio
- change / repair: Production Date and other identification data
- testing display, buttons, backlight, colours, illumination
- SWL history edit, read, erase

requires Martech BOX III Hardware

Terms and conditions to run activation:

After one year, it's blocked:

    access to activation updates
    access to
    access to the section on the forum ( thematic section )
    technical support
    access to server

To again take full advantage of once purchased activation,
you must pay its extension - subscription for another year's time.

The cost of the subscription is 20 EUR net / year

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