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software activation - Chrysler SN Decoder
software activation - Chrysler SN Decoder
€249,00 [IvaInc]
OBD2 Diagnostic (based on PIC18F458) for OP-COM
OBD2 Diagnostic (based on PIC18F458) for OP-COM
€39,99 [IvaInc]
€18,50 [IvaInc]
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software activation - RCD Tools
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software activation - RCD Tools

Prezzo: €117,00 [IvaInc]
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RCD Tools is a software for unlocking car radios and navigations.
It's all-in-one solution used by experts and beginners also.

Major functions:

  • reading radio code, resetting counter tries, repairing memory contents
  • generating unlock code from serial number (Becker, Blaupunkt, BMW, Clarion, Daewoo, Ford, Grundig,Philips, Renault, Visteon, some models are limited to 3 codes per day)
  • build-in K-Line protocol (used for reading codes from Delco CDR500 / CDR2005)
  • unlocking car navigations (Audi, VW, Mercedes, Seat, Sony - by SDA/SCL or by serial number)
  • unlocking Ford V series car radios (made by Visteon, based on TMS470R1VF288)
  • generating codes from links (Volvo)
  • fast code read/write by using test points on radio pcb (you don't need to take off
  • radio mechanism for reading memory - code)
  • auto_search code procedures for radios which aren't on the support list
  • over 1300 models supported! project www:
  • deleting LOCKED and LOCK13 problems in Ford units

RCD works as programmer for:

  • i2c memories like 24cXX (eg. 24c01, 24c16, 24c1024)
  • SPI memories like 95xxx (eg. 95160, 95128, Clip is required)
  • MicroWire memories like typu 93cXX (eg.93c06, 93c46, Clip is required)
  • Motorola cpu from series: HC05, HC705, HC11, HC711 (Clip is required)

RCD turns off also:

  • Cancheck (Blaupunkt, Fiat, Nissan)
  • Prod (Mercedes, Becker)
  • Disabled (BMW, Philips)
  • unregistering Opel CD 30, CD 30 MP3, CD 70
  • complete and full solution for above locks is supported by our application called Security Repairer

Additional functions:

  • build-in hex editor (files editor)
  • SWAP procedure for files with reverse bytes saved
  • model searching for fast finding
  • auto updates function - no need to browse for new versions
  • access to support area with files, instructions, photos - directly from RCD Tools
  • our software/hardware wasn't never cloned ! (we are for over than 10 years on the market)
  • unlocking untypical radios and navigations, very good technical support on

requires Martech BOX III Hardware


After one year, it's blocked:

  • access to activation updates
  • access to
  • access to the section on the forum ( thematic section )
  • technical support
  • access to server

To again take full advantage of once purchased activation,
you must pay its extension - subscription for another year's time.

The cost of the subscription is 20 EUR net / year


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