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Toyota - Cylinder Lock spare parts - 80 pcs
Toyota - Cylinder Lock spare parts - 80 pcs
€16,80 [TaxInc]
Titan 11505 5-1/2" Mini Stainless Steel Prybar/Scraper - 2 pcs
Titan 11505 5-1/2" Mini Stainless Steel Prybar/Scraper - 2 pcs
€37,80 [TaxInc]
€30,80 [TaxInc]
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Conditions and Warranty

All the products are covered by regular guarantee .

The product are guaranteed, except for defects in materials and in the assembly, for normal condition of use of the same. The product of the list are guarantee 12 or 24 months, from the date of dispatch. 

The guarantee may be offered by the producer if this is applicable and suitable for the customer, in all other cases the guarantee is offered directly from “EcuVonix”. 

We suggest to examine the conditions to guarantee to this LINK (PDF). 

Many producer of components and devices provide on its products an independent guarantee from the provided by “EcuVonix”; in this way the customer must apply in the event of failure directly to the producer and its network of assistence centre under different rules according to the producer concerned. According to the producer is often given to the substitution to home. .

The products used and reclaimed have 6 months at the same “EcuVonix”. If the customer receives a broken product, before the shipment in our centre is requested to contact us. Sometimes the problem reported by customers stem simply from the wrong use or installation of the product.

The guarantee is “on-center” so the shipping costs of the product for the replacement it to the purchaser that undertakes to sent previously the product. . Revocation of guarantee.

The products guarantee lapses only in the case in which they are hearder and/or deassemblate the components present and/or the customer add and install other components. Only in this way the buyed product lose the guarantee. For any problem, contact the “EcuVonix”.

The component will submit to a test; if they have not some defect, the customer will pay € 35,00 for the assistence and shipping costs.

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