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Key Remote Xhorse XEKF21 - 3 Button
Key Remote Xhorse XEKF21 - 3 Button
18,90 [TaxInc]
OBDII Breakout Box & Protocol Detector
OBDII Breakout Box & Protocol Detector
59,99 [TaxInc]
49,99 [TaxInc]
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Following the Laws on computer and electronic present in Italy, is necessary to specify any points in order to protect the site “” and its Creator. 

Any reference in that site is to be used for didactic aim purely.The EcuVonix does not assume any responsability for possible damage to persons or things, even less for infringement on Laws in force for the wrong use of the data conteined in the site.The Creator of this site and the provider (ISP) which hosts the site in any way are not connected with “EcuVonix” so not take no responsability for the use of the information contained in this site. The files, the tutorials and anything contained in this site are only a guide to the facilities.The site was done in order to be consulted as a guide to the repair of cars from the point of view electronic and for this reason it is absolutely prohibiten rent, copy or sell the file in it. It should also be specifiedthat the material has not listed any type of guarantee, thus the lost of data or profits caused by the use of software available in the site is considered extraneous the Creator of that. In this way for the use of any type of material on the site is subject to necessary conditions described above.

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