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Hantek 6074BE Kit III - Automotive
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Hantek 6074BE Kit III - Automotive

Price: €579,00 [TaxInc]
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Hantek 6074BE Kit III - Automotive

Standard equipped over 80 types of automotive measurement function;

First Diagnosis: Intake manifold vacuum & ignition,
Petrol fumes adjusting valve vacuum & ignition,
Idle exhaust ignition, Starting exhaust ignition

Ignition: primary and secondary

Sensor: Air Flow Meter, Camshaft, Crankshaft, Distributor,
Lambda sensor, Throttle position

Bus Diagnosis: CAN bus data examine, CAN bus signal integrity,
CAN bus LH long time acquisition, LIN bus

Performer: Petrol/Diesel

Starter and charging circuits

Fit for the portable computers, table PC, and suitable for wild mobile
use and business trip use. Support WIN10/ WIN8/WIN7 etc.
USB 2.0 interface plug and play, and no need extra power supply;
Great function, More than 20 kinds of automatic measurement function,
PASS/FAIL Check function. Resourceful trigger function,
dynamic cursor tracking, waveform record and replay function.
Good mechanical design with small size which is easy for carrying.
The outer case is made by the same material with iPad - Anodised aluminium.
It has great heat resistance and abrasive resistance with beautiful appearance.
The hardness of aluminium alloy surface is greatly improved.
4 channels oscilloscope, 1GSa/s real time sampling rate,
2mV-10V/DIV high input sensitivity and large input range,
70MHz high bandwidth,
The waveform data could be output to EXCEL,BMP,JPG.
Waveform averaging, afterglow, lightness control, reverse, add,
subtract, multiply, divide, X-Y display.
FFT spectrum analyzer
One computer could connect with multiple oscilloscopes,
expand the channel number easily.
Provide secondary development library DLL;
Provide LabviewVBVCQT developing examples.

Accessories included
- Aluminum Case
- 4x HT18A
- 4x HT19
- 4x HT201
- 4x HT25
- 4x HT30A
- 1x HT301
- 1x HT307
- 4x HT308
- 2x HT324

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