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Door Lock Motor for LandRover/Jaguar - 2 pezzi
Door Lock Motor for LandRover/Jaguar - 2 pezzi
€30,00 [IvaInc]
Mini Diagnosi VGATE - WIFI
Mini Diagnosi VGATE - WIFI
€29,00 [IvaInc]
€19,90 [IvaInc]
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software activation - RCD PRO Tools
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software activation - RCD PRO Tools

Prezzo: €225,00 [IvaInc]
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What is it, and for what it was made ?
RCD PRO it's the latest project dedicated for decoding car radios and navigations.
Project consist of standalone tools based on Martech CLIP and additional PC computer application.


Product description
RCD PRO read and/or change original codes in car navigations and radios, based on the latest algorithms. Project consist of standalone tools based on Martech CLIP (RCD PRO) and additional PC computer application (RCD PRO PC). Application works "standalone" - this means you can use it totally without PC computer. Whole unlock modes, read code process, or read / save memory to file is executed on Martech CLIP device and MMC card as data carrier.

Main advantage is AutoSearch mode, which is developed for finding correct code on unsupported models. Application recognizes many new algorithms and then it looks for all possible codes. Automatic updates, easy and user friendly interface to use.

Main functions and most popular supported models:

  • Applications works directly on PC or Clip (depens on tool)
  • Clip works as programmer for: i2c, spi, microwire, st92f, mc9s12, motorola hc05, hc11
  • Deleting LOCK10/13 in Ford units (based on HC05L28, HC11PA8, ST92), we support Mercedes Truck Line CC20, CC40, CC60 also


  • RNS 315 (code reading)
  • RCD 310 / 510, Skoda Swing / Bolero by Blaupunkt (code reading, code change, counter reset, repairing not turning on units - all within few seconds)
  • RCD 310 / 510, Skoda Swing / Bolero by Delphi (code reading)
  • RCD 210 / RCD 500 by Panasonic (code reading)
  • RNS-E (code reading from MBM29XL12DF flash dump)
  • Kenwood radios (over 50 various models, series: DDX, DPX, KVT, KDC, KRC)
  • Ford: 2006 RDS, 2006R RDS, 2007 RDS, 2007R RDS,  Seat 2007 RDS, VW Sound1 RDS, Sound2 RDS (code reading and deleting "TEN" from TMS370 withing few seconds)
  • Navi Dresden (code reading)
  • Gamma 3 by Philips (code reading)
  • Zenec ZE-MC2000, ZE-NC2010
  • RCD300 Visteon
  • DVD MB8008
  • Ford 6000 AUX CD RDS EON
  • Connect Navi+, Connect+ Navi by Magneti Mareli
  • Beat, Dance, Gamma V, Melody by Technisat
  • Honda BB712PC Navi, BB714PH Navi, BB717PO, BB727AF
  • and many, many others not listed there


Program and device works as programmer for:


  • 24C00, 24C01, 24C02, 24C04, 24C08
  • 24C16, 24C32, 24C64, 24C128, 24C256
  • 24C512, 24C1024


  • 95010, 95020, 95040, 95080
  • 95160, 95320, 95640, 95128
  • 95256, 95512


  • 93c06, 93c46, 93c56
  • 93c66, 93c76, 93c86

Motorola HC05, HC705, HC11, HC711 series:

  • 68HC05B16, 68HC05B32, 68HC05B6, 68HC05B8, 68HC05X16, 68HC05X32
  • 68HC11A8, 68HC11E20, 68HC11E9, 68HC11EA9
  • 68HC11F1, 68HC11K4, 68HC11KA2, 68HC11KA4, 68HC11KS2, 68HC11KW1
  • 68HC11L6, 68HC11P2, 68HC11PA8, 68HC11PH8
  • 68HC705B16, 68HC705B32, 68HC705X32
  • 68HC711E20, 68HC711E9, 68HC711EA9, 68HC711K4, 68HC711KA2, 68HC711KA4
  • 68HC711KS2, 68HC711L6, 68HC711P2, 68HC711PA8, 68HC711PB8, 68HC711PH8

Motorola MC9s12 series:

  • MC9S12A256B, MC9S12A512
  • MC9S12DG128, MC9S12DG256B, MC9S12DG256C
  • MC9S12DJ128, MC9S12DJ256B, MC9S12DJ256C, MC9S12DJ512
  • MC9S12DP512
  • MC9S12DT128, MC9S12DT256B, MC9S12DT256C, MC9S12DT512
  • MC9S12H128, MC9S12H256


ST92 chips:

  • ST92F120JV1, ST92F120JV9
  • ST92F120V1, ST92F120V9
  • ST92F124R9, ST92F124V1
  • ST92F150CR1, ST92F150CR9
  • ST92F150CV1, ST92F150CV9
  • ST92F150JDV1
  • ST92F250CV2


  • Nec D70F33x
  • Flash SPI 25FL128

Product future and updates:

  • The program will be gradually expanded with new models and brands. Both the standalone version of CLIP as well as the PC version.

The platform on which it works and the methods of activation:

  • RCD PRO might be activated only on Martech CLIP
  • if you are buying activation only, you must send Clip serial number after making payment

When you buy you get:

  • RCD PRO activation on your Clip
  • techical support non limited by time, support and access to updates
  • individual access to PRO forum, activated only for PRO users

requires Martech BOX III Hardware

Terms and conditions to run activation:

After one year, it's blocked:

    access to activation updates
    access to
    access to the section on the forum ( thematic section )
    technical support
    access to server

To again take full advantage of once purchased activation,
you must pay its extension - subscription for another year's time.

The cost of the subscription is 20 EUR net / year

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